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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our office remains committed to providing our standard level of excellent service. At this time, due to the fluid situation of the coronavirus pandemic, we will do so virtually, rather than in-person, during our regular business hours. To reach the Office of Technology Commercialization, please call 202.687.7424 or email techlicensing@georgetown.edu and Jeremy Alexander at jsa28@georgetown.edu . Someone will respond to you promptly.

More information on COVID-19 related agreements can be found on the following link: http://bbbte.brazosvip.com/covid19-contracts/

Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) manages Georgetown University invention disclosures, patenting and licensing activities, research collaboration agreements, material transfer agreements, confidentiality agreements, data use agreements, copyright and intellectual property agreements between the University and faculty, engagement of Georgetown University in the founding of startup companies, and assistance to University entrepreneurs in starting their own companies. If you believe that you have an invention, it is critical that you disclose the invention to OTC immediately, and prior to any publication or public presentation of the invention.

Patent Award Ceremony Winner
Patent Award Ceremony Winners
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Upcoming I2Is and Events: To Be Determined


OTC hosted first virtual I2I event with UAEM. UAEM (Universities Allied for Essential Medicines在手机怎样下油管 on Engaging University Leaders in the access to medicines movement is available here. For more information on UAEM’s work please visit their website: http://www.uaem.org/

In our monthly I2I (Invention to Innovation) event, OTC had the pleasure of hosting George Likourezos, J.D. and Dr. Carmella L. Stephens, Ph.D., J.D. from Carter, Deluca, & Farrell LLP. Georgetown University faculty and staff had the opportunity to learn more about IP protection for AI-implemented Life Sciences inventions and how University Entrepreneurs can prepare for commercialization of their technologies.

Speed dating for innovation
“Speed Dating” for Innovation

录好的视频怎么加速?在手机上怎么做-百度经验:2021-8-14 · 录好的视频怎么加速?在手机上怎么做,利用手机录制好的游戏视频,或者一些系统操作视频,想要进行加速处理,那么在手机上录好的视频怎么加速最方便?以下给你详细介绍一下方法,操作非常 …OTC hosted an event where researchers and entrepreneurs with ideas had the opportunity to network with investors looking for ideas, enabling them to meet a large number of potential partners in a short amount of time


Pfizer’s Centers for Innovation (“CTI”) has opened its 2020 Call for Proposals requesting pre-proposals for innovative ideas for drug co-development from researchers at Georgetown University and other academic centers.

  • Core research areas are Oncology, Inflammation and Immunology, Rare Diseases and Internal Medicine with strategic focus on the emerging areas of Senescence, Repeat Expansion Disorders and DNA Damage Response.
  • Potential collaborations with Pfizer as part of CTI include collaborative and sponsored research agreements, venture/seed investment, and drug co-development.
  • Only tech transfer and commercialization offices may submit proposals, therefore, Pfizer requires that you submit your non-confidential pre-proposal to Georgetown’s Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) and OTC will submit the final pre-proposals to Pfizer.
  • The deadline for submission of your pre-proposal to OTC is September 14th, 2020 (Preferred no later than September 8th, 2020). Please visit http://www.pfizercti.com/ particularly under “Submit a Proposal” for more information.

Pfizer Global Medical Grants Announces a New Education RFP in Non-Communicable Diseases. Pfizer’s GMG competitive grant program involves a publicly posted general Request for Proposal (RFP) that provides detail regarding a general area of interest, sets timelines for review and approval, and uses an internal Pfizer review process to make final grant decisions. Application Due date is July 20th, 2020. Link to full Request for Proposal: Management of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) for Health Care Providers (new window)在手机怎样下油管

New Women’s Venture Competition for Oncology Startups is being postponed due to Coronavirus from May 20th to a soon-to-be-announced summer 2020 date. More information can be found on the following link: http://aim-hiaccelerator.org/wvc/

Georgetown University (GU) continues to collaborate with George Washington University (GW) to help build the DC entrepreneurial community. We have been invited to join the “GWCAN” (More information can be found on the following link: http://giveandtakeinc.com/givitas-for-gwcan/). GW welcomes inventors, investors, new entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs to explore the opportunities provided through the network. For more questions, contact the Office of Technology Commercialization, please call 202.687.7424 or email techlicensing@georgetown.edu.

9th Annual Deshpande Symposium (June 11-12, 2020) is a gathering of like-minded practitioners focused on accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship across the college and university environment. More information and conference agenda can be found on the following link: http://deshpandesymposium.org/agenda/

在国内手机如何看油管 has established a $1 million Innovation Fund to help nonprofits, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, innovators at colleges and universities, and startups and small businesses harness the power of data, technology, and diverse intellectual capital to improve COVID-19 relief efforts and make a difference. The Foundation is accepting applications from April 30 through June 5, 2020. Nonprofits can apply for grants of up to $100,000. Individuals, teams of individuals, and eligible for-profit organizations can apply for microgrants of up to $10,000. Certain eligibility requirements apply. For more information please see: 国内怎么上油管手机


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  • New Drug Prevents Liver Damage, Obesity and Glucose Intolerance in Mice on High-Fat Diet
  • Nilotinib Appears Safe in Parkinson’s Trial; Drug Thought to Allow Dopamine Replenishment
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  • Researchers Find Inhibiting One Protein Destroys Toxic Clumps Seen in Parkinson’s Disease
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Watch the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM)’s site and video featuring the ins and outs of Technology Transfer and learn more about what is involved in its process.

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